Varsity day

Oxford, England

May 2016 

Alan had earned the Oxford Blues (athlete) title and was about to compete in the annual Varsity between Oxford University and Cambridge University.

We had a little fight the night before the game. Alan was upset since some of his friends wouldn’t be able to make it. I was busy writing a paper, hence, there was a fair chance I might be absent as well. My great emperor has never hidden his desire for much love and passionate attention.

I stayed up all night working on my paper then boarded the 7am train to Oxford from West Drayton station, London. I proudly wore a blue sweater, of course, I’m team Oxford.

It was rather a long walk from Oxford train station to Iffley stadium. I didn’t mind, since every walk around Oxford, through the colleges that look like gothic castles, is a dream of a lifetime. There I decided I would one day return to Oxford or Cambridge to study. After all, Alan can’t keep all the fun and glory to himself!

However, the was a modest issue, Iffley is a big sports compound and I had no idea where to look for Alan. He was probably preparing for the match and did not pick up his phone. I asked for him at the reception just to feel even more hopeless. Just when I sat down thinking what to do, Alan came.

He dressed in a white shirt and a pair of khaki pants, his tie was full of olive branches. Not until when I grabbed his shoulder did he realise I was there. We shared a good luck hug then Alan, as if he was one of the finest Olympians, looked straight and marched through the stadium entrance like a general entering a battlefield.

– Skye 


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