In the heart of life

Dan Eldon is my hero. He died at 22 while photographing the Somalia civil war, ironically in an attack originated by the United Nations. Dan is the person that satisfies my quest for the foundation of moral, he said: “Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man is due to ignorance, not intent. Children must be taught … Continue reading In the heart of life

A place that scares me

An imperfect moment  I have a habit of screening through pictures, years of pictures, maybe once every week. I have always looked for the perfect moments in the past. For some reasons, I have an ideal version of the past - it is always perfect. I was born a perfectionist. I live for the beauty. … Continue reading A place that scares me

Meditation on Preparation

One can never be prepared enough to be Alexander the Great, one can never be prepared enough to be the President. Similarly and realistically, you can never be prepared enough for the new, the bigger, the greater, and lots of times the unimaginable. What is in the word 'Preparation'? Preparation is the art of building your stairs, … Continue reading Meditation on Preparation