Business of imagination

Oxford, England

We strolled around town, museums and colleges looking like castles. Alan, in his navy suits, ran after some kids and indeed made one cry. I laughed mischievously while comforting their poor mothers. Everyone on the street stared at us and somewhat envied our carelessness.

There were days when Alan sat with the chief officers of some major financial institutions while I joined some diplomats and Frankenstein-scientists. However, saving the world was not our main concern back then; more often we found ourselves laughing at each other in French cafes, daydreaming on the grass, counting deers or making our way to the secret rose garden of Cecil Rhodes.

At night we went ghost hunting when Alan talked to me in Dutch. I just assumed he said he loves me. Under the winter moonlight, as we walked through the cobblestone streets, I asked Alan what was his profession back in the 16th century.

“An astronomer”

“You know what, I was Princess D’Annam!”

– Skye


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