How much is enough?

There are two types of questions – Good questions and useless questions – “How much is enough?”, to me, is sort of both.

I have always known for granted that no one has the intellectually satisfying answer for another person (and in most cases for oneself). I have also acknowledged there is a high chance I will get lost, disappointed and shattered if I stubbornly grip on the question, yet I have naturally held on to it – “How much is enough?” After all, things that seem natural, they don’t tend to argue, they exist.

I have come to the conclusion that to look for an answer for any philosophical question is not a smart way to solve the riddle. In fact, such questions are standalone statements that best serve as reality checks for (ever-changing) realities.

“How much is enough?”, for instance, is just another question among the brilliant (and useless) questions, such as “Who am I?”, “Why me?”, “Why am I even here on earth?”, etc.

For existential questions of which there is no single answer, a good momentarily answer is an answer that will enable one to take meaningful actions. What is a meaningful action? A meaningful action is a significant action. A significant action is neither important nor urgent, it is pattern disruptive. Significant actions – for example, zooming in and out of realities – helps one to evolve into the next and better version of oneself, especially when one is trapped in the past, the future, or the routine of the present.

– Skye 


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