How to get Everything you want (15)


I haven’t written for a month. The last 30 days have been eventful, I have witnessed with my naked eyes an ocean of changes: My 25th birthday when all the streets were blocked due to a march, I ended up sleeping somewhere nice but really weird for a birthday – a rooftop office; I talked to my grandfather one day and he passed away the day after; I got (all) my wisdom teeth removed; I resigned and spent literally 30 hours on different planes and airports to reach London, etc. (yes, etc.)

The centre of my gravity has been put on a roller-coaster. I’m truly grateful for my beloved, old friends, new friends and strangers that have made the last month bearable and lovable despite all frictions. Now that I’m pretty much settled in London, I’m obligated to get back to work.

During the last month, at times I didn’t really know what to do but holding on to dear life and people around me. There’s no way I could expect to handle (in a month) things such as the sudden death of my grandfather, the march, the historic delay of British Airways… The truth is, sometimes I’m still amazed that I’m living in London – This is a chapter of my life that from the beginning I’ve let go of control, tried to do my best in every situation and gone with the flow of life. I’ve never expected to come this far and (so far) this has been the most amazing journey, which has become the inspiration for today’s chapter.

Face it, why do we want to get Everything we want? Because we expect to be Happy in the end. What if THE END won’t make you happy despite the lonely and taxing journey you would have then completed? What makes you unhappy now and then? One thing – friction – Anytime the world doesn’t function the way you want it to, you are unhappy.

Let me tell you a little story: You buy some bread, you can’t finish it, you then go out on the street and feed the pigeons. You feel as a part of nature, the day after and the day after you keep doing the same thing. Then you’ll never feel lonely again, and if you do, please go out and feed the animals with your leftovers.

The illusion of separation with the universe makes us unhappy and stressful – Let us remember where we want to go and embrace uncertainties that come along the way.

I do have the habit of closing articles with a picture of only myself doing something fancy, however this time I would like to introduce Dr Karl-Henrik Robèrt whom I had never expected to meet but has somehow magically appeared and resonated with every value I’ve ever valued. Mr Robèrt almost brought tears to my eyes when he concluded his 3-day workshop, in which I believed I was luckier than winning the lottery to be present:

“A way to reach the (not bad) outcomes is to comply with only decent ways of living regardless of outcomes.”


quote-business-is-the-economic-engine-of-our-western-culture-and-if-it-could-be-transformed-karl-henrik-robert-60-98-22 (1)

Karl-Henrik Robèrt, M.D., PhD (born 1947), is a Swedish cancer scientist and an important figure in the worldwide sustainability movement. He is known for the Framework for Strategic Sustainable Development – also known as The Natural Step Framework, after the not for profit promoting and applying it – a framework that lays out the system conditions for sustainability, that arose from his consultations with municipalities, businesses, government departments, environmental organizations, and the arts community. Having secured the imprimatur of the King of Sweden, The Natural Step was launched with attendant television coverage and distribution of educational material to every school and household in Sweden.[1] The FSSD/The Natural Step framework sets out the system conditions for sustainability, as well as guidelines to systematically approach compliance with the principles. The framework has been applied to fields as diverse as agriculture, forestry, energy systems, information and selection of tools for sustainable development, green building and the ecological management of river basins.[2][3] The Natural Step aims to be both scientifically based and readily understandable in its articulation of principles for sustainability.

In cancer research, Robèrt won the 1984 Swedish Hematological Association Research Award.[14] In environmental sustainability, he won the Green Cross Award for International Leadership in 1999.[15] He was awarded The Social Responsibility Laureate Medal by the Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics.[15] In 2000, he was awarded the Blue Planet Prize, often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of ecological sustainability,[15] “for scientifically laying out the systems perspective needed to plan strategically for sustainability and for changing the environmental awareness of business, municipalities and others.”[14] In 2005 Robèrt received the Social Responsibility Laureate Medal by the Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics. He was included in the publication 100 Visionaries of the 20th Century in 2006.[15] In 2009, he was recognised as an Ashoka Fellow.[8] and in 2011 as Ashoka Globalizer [1].

Part 15 is pretty much a spiritual one, nevertheless, I believe it’s even more powerful than most actions because it keeps you happy no matter what. I will come back with Part 16 soon.

How to get Everything you want (THEN WHAT?)

Part 1: Create your vision!

Part 2: Count what you have

Part 3: Go for a walk

Part 4: Create your A—>B agenda and stick to it

Part 5: Do your homework

Part 6: Differentiate between pure fairy tales and ambitious dreams.

Part 7: When you get stuck

Part 8: Do your best, the rest will come

Part 9: Select your people

Part 10: Be patient while accumulating

Part 11: Less is more

Part 12: Do you have what it takes

Part 13: Be Remarkable

Part 14: Create some powerful habits

– Skye


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