How to get Everything you want (13)


As usual, let me begin by telling you a little story.

I’m a (cheese)cake addict. Today I had my lunch appointment with my friend Stephen (not his real name) and we looked for a place with the best chocolate cake in town. Here’s the lovely cafe Au Parc, if you are in Saigon you should definitely check it out:


From today onwards, this place is legendary, according to my standards – not only because of the chocolate cake and my friend whom found the perfect chocolate cake (sorry Stephen), but also because the place has just been renovated and the inside decoration has become very close to perfection (I will take a photo next time and show you).

I used to have my weekend breakfast at Au Parc, however, have never been a fan – the weather has always been too hot to sit outside, and then inside it was just depressing due to the uncomfortable setting. I had quite a surprise today stepping in seeing the place that has been tripled in size and was installed with French-like tables. Such details, every detail, changed the whole experience.

In conclusion, may I say I even thought the (same) food tasted much better than be?ore. Such emotionally-shifting conclusion deserves the spotlight in my article today. I was very sad every time I heard someone said something like – “Life is simply easier for certain people!” – No, not at all. Bravery is way overrated – we can all be brave, by choice, and get everything we want by drawing our own map(s) and work hard and be disciplined. Choose yourself and fight for yourself, be that happy, loved, free, successful, rich and generous person, I would love to see all of us becoming champions.

I was not born a detail-oriented person. I’m good at dreaming, however, I’ve always thought details were beneath myself – that was a few years ago, and I had paid a lot for my ignorance to details.

I started working 8 years ago as a junior stockbroker who performed stock & bond transactions on behalf of clients. My job was literally entering BUY and SELL orders into computers at lightening speed. Imagine – You just sit there and type BUY/SELL x amount of A stock at B price, repeatedly, for 4 hours per day, every single day for 3 years.

The job was super boring, however, it was an excellent job because I was not allowed make any mistake (or my typo will translate into thousands or tens of thousands of dollars damage after a few seconds). I made less than 10 mistakes in 3 years, nevertheless my company had to cover thousands of dollars for my mistakes, and because of that I rarely received my salary – I learnt a lot from those 3 years – yourself and maybe even someone else will have to pay for your mistake not paying attention to detail.


In the world where on one side, the internet allows everyone to be a big picture thinker (and talk loudly) and on the other side, everyone is trying to offer cheaper products – then what will differentiate doers from talkers and expensive from cheap? One word – Remarkable.

For a minute, let’s think of ourselves as a commodity, a good on the (human resource) market. The fact is – Everyone out there is trying to offer cheaper products, many people are more than ready to do your job for a lower paycheck and there will be at least a few men/women that want to offer themselves (for free) to your significant other.

As consumers, many times we can find a cheaper/easier option. So as consumers, this is what we are looking for: Best value (for money and/or efforts) – consumers look for the best bundle available.

How to make the best bundle on the market at a certain price? You cut the gross margin out of the equation, then you work around your resources to create something that is closest to perfection (make sure it’s way better than anything with the same pricing). For example, if you want a $xxxx salary, you better know how to deliver at least tens of times your salary if not more, in order to compete with people that only ask for $xxx to do the same job. Perfect yourself, pay attention to detail – dress appropriately, behave, focus on creating values and solving problems – you’ll end up with a lot more.

NO ONE, yes, NO ONE will give you money (or love or anything) without receiving the best bundle they are paying for, in term of money and efforts and sentiment (please give me a reason why they should).

One thing I picked up from looking at a good picture – every detail, everything in it sells.

How to get Everything you want (THEN WHAT?)

Part 1: Create your vision!

Part 2: Count what you have

Part 3: Go for a walk

Part 4: Create your A—>B agenda and stick to it

Part 5: Do your homework

Part 6: Differentiate between pure fairy tales and ambitious dreams.

Part 7: When you get stuck

Part 8: Do your best, the rest will come

Part 9: Select your people

Part 10: Be patient while accumulating

Part 11: Less is more

Part 12: Do you have what it takes

– Skye


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