How to get Everything you want (12)


What can be a good test? I have one:

Change your life (for the better) in measurable ways in 90 days. Set yourself a 3-month challenge to make something happen.

I have always (subconsciously) functioned on a 90-day-calendar. Moreover, whenever I got (very) stuck and wanted to turn my life upside-down completely, I set myself a 3-month-challenge. Seriously (I don’t know if I was born this way but) I don’t even know how giving up looks like. Life goes on and I just don’t have the ability to deal with any (stupid) status quo, I either solve it or leave it. In conclusion – statistically, in a year of mine, there are three 90-day-calendars & one 3-month-challenge. My 3-month-challenge of 2014 can be found here (it’s kinda long and is currently in Vietnamese, so if you are interested please use Google translate).

Recently when I started looking around for different ways of planning, the 3-month- challenge turned out to be quite favoured by many game changers (yes, you don’t need years to change your life). Watch this, it’s a good example:

How to get Everything you want series is a part of my 3-month-challenge this year from the beginning of June to end of August, which happens to be my transition period from Vietnam to the UK. I challenged myself, during this 3 month, to (1) handle my current job in artful ways ’til the last day I’m on duty (2) reflect on the last 5 years and plan for the next 5 years (3) handle my transition to London smoothly in term of relationships, everything else is pretty easy (4) write myself an useful document, which turned out to be what we are reading now (5) work on my future businesses: finish core identity concepts, get some good ideas, sketch some business models, look into some value chains, legal stuff, etc.

Let me tell you, it takes A LOT of work and focus on executing your 3-month-challenge. The reason it’s called a challenge but 90-day-calendar is because it’s a sprint. You can’t sprint every day, all year round, you’ll die. Nevertheless, the 3-month-challenge is extremely powerful in case you need to either (1) finish something (2) start something new (3) manage any turn-around. 

All you need to do now if you’re ready to make great things happen, is to (1) decide how you want your life to look like after 3 months, be specific (2) sprint, focus, be disciplined and just work for the next 90 days and see what will happen.

How to get Everything you want (THEN WHAT?)

Part 1: Create your vision!

Part 2: Count what you have

Part 3: Go for a walk

Part 4: Create your A—>B agenda and stick to it

Part 5: Do your homework

Part 6: Differentiate between pure fairy tales and ambitious dreams.

Part 7: When you get stuck

Part 8: Do your best, the rest will come

Part 9: Select your people

Part 10: Be patient while accumulating

Part 11: Less is more

– Skye


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