How to get Everything you want (5)


Let’s come back to my A—>B agenda:

Point A: Skye is a communications personnel. She has been moving to another country (or city) every 2 years, therefore hasn’t been able to date anyone for long.

Point B: Skye owns some lifestyle & fashion businesses, a gallery, some islands. Skye has her name printed on some rockets. Skye has written a few wonderful books and still writes and paints every day.

Skye’s lover adores her as much as she adores him. They create their (financially and spiritually) free and magical life around the world. They create something together and something of their own. They discuss. They sail and fly and walk and work and love. They know that “the end(s) of the world” are the North Pole and the South Pole and they can actually go there together, one at a time.

I’ll pick one scary outcome: Skye owns some islands.


How on earth can I (ever) own some islands? – Correct. That’s the right question.

You know what, I might have had a hard time figure it out before the internet existed. I might have had to go to some libraries and ask the librarians another question: Which book can show me How on earth can I own some islands?

Nowadays there’s one oracle named Google. I’m quite good friends with him, therefore I ask him about almost everything almost every day, even the (seemingly) impossibles:

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.00.05 pm

See, Google has an idea. Actually, Google has a lot of ideas. Mate, Google is an oracle (the right thing to say is – it owns the collective human knowledge).

However, it’s your job to pick your favourite ideas. Skim through the oracle’s (top) picks, refine your search, narrow down to preferably one single idea that caught your eyes (and heart). Then you have 2 choices (you can do both, even greater):

1. Ask someone whom actually knows the business

In my case, I literally sent an email yesterday morning, asking a travel expert about buying islands with little money in a specific country, Cambodia (again, the idea caught my eyes):

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.06.15 pm

You know what – many times people don’t know what to do AND they don’t ask people who know the business).

Please, dare to ask. There’s nothing scary or shameful about asking for help. If people know the answer, most of the time they will tell you and/or introduce you to someone that actually knows the business (I’m not kidding, people are more generous than you think):

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.11.00 pm

I have a long history of nailing people down and ask questions and keep asking questions. Some of my clients & advisors joke all the time that “She is always at my back”. Well, I guess if I don’t know about something and I don’t ask, I’ll never know.

2. Read the best book(s) about the topic 

I guarantee you that – there’ll be at least one person out there who had baffled his mind with the similar questions AND had written a book about how he solved the problems.

Don’t waste your time, look for the best books about a specific topic. By ‘the best’ I meant ‘validated’. Seek help from our oracle friend Google to find out the highest rated books (read all top 3 then you’re in a decent position).

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 10.27.05 pm

Here’s the thing, read with an open heart. Be prepared – Great writers may change your point of views. In the end, you might alter your current A—>B agenda (I might eventually come to a conclusion that islands are not that great to own) and start from scratch again. And it may not always be a bad happening.

Listen to critics, but make your own judgements – “Only you know how much you like the girl.”

How to get Everything you want (THEN WHAT?)

Part 1: Create your vision!

Part 2: Count what you have

Part 3: Go for a walk

Part 4: Create your A—>B agenda and stick to it.

– Skye 


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