How to get Everything you want (3)


Look at this picture:


What do you see?

3 chairs and a table in an old house (and a swimming pool). Yes, you’re right.

This was my conversation with a friend when I took the picture:

“You see that man sitting over there? His name is Julius. Mr Julius has always liked a well-lighted terrace with shadows of the leaves.”

“Skye, I see nobody.”

“Well, close your eyes. Listen to me. Today is some time around 1958, the streets out there are kinda busy and dusty. Here inside this charming French terrace, the dust settled, on the floor, there are shadows of the leaves. The old man likes to sit here alone. He is deaf, it’s quite and he feels the difference. I used to come and read on weekends. We met a few times, made friends, eventually shared the table and enjoyed our own books. One stormy day when I couldn’t come, he left me a note at the bar: “My dear Skye, I love the silence here. See you next week! – Julius”

Did you just see Julius for a second? Did you just go time travel with me for a minute? Most importantly, did you feel that – the deaf man could not hear but he could imagine the noise of the streets, therefore enjoyed his silent corner, as much as I did.

I made the story up, 100%, obviously. But I’ve just told you about the unimaginable power of imagination.

Your imagination brings you to everywhere, especially to that sweet corner where you enjoy life the most.

People can take things from you, however, no one can ever take away the happiness you can create for yourself, every time, every where. And it’s very important to be happy, first and foremost.

So take a walk, imagine your dream life. Does it scare you out because it’s too beautiful to be true? Great. You got it. Enjoy it for now, virtually. Otherwise, dream crazier.

Before we go, let me tell you something really weird. I’d always told myself something when I was little: “I dream to be a Queen (not Princess) with my own castle.”

Should I tell you now this is cartoon:


How to get Everything you want (THEN WHAT?)

Part 1: Create your vision!

Part 2: Count what you have

– Skye 


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