How to get Everything you want (1)


I’m here to tell you that yourself and the people out there, who have everything, were created equally.

Here’s why:

I’m co-writing a novel in which I envision the world when robots have completely replaced humans in industries. Creators, artists and scientists live on my island (yes Skye island it is) to create arts and researchers. The rest of humanity, whom I called the Soft-Landers, choose to retire early and just enjoy life, buy luxuries, get wasted, travel, have sex endlessly… until they get so depressed then they get drunk again. That’s basically how, in fact, many people who have it all are suffering. Rich guys, too, do have hard times. They’ve already got everything, THEN WHAT?

Thank God we were all created equally, then there’s a solution for all of us – To create the Arts we could ever dream of.

Don’t let the kid in you grow up, don’t give up on daydreaming, I beg you. I also beg you to be selfish (I’d actually like to use the word self-fulfilling) like a kid – like things, desire things, dream of them, cry out loud, be desperate, ask anyone or go out of your way to get what you want from the kids next door. Because you know what, if yourself are not fulfilled, you have absolutely nothing to give.

Ok, back to vision. Let me tell you bluntly if you don’t work on your vision, you’re probably working on somebody else’s vision. In other words, you’re in somebody else’s plan. Don’t do that to yourself forever. Nothing’s worth your valuable time and bloody efforts but your own dreams.

I’m not only talking materially but also personally. I was so sad every time I heard anyone claiming to be a victim in a relationship, any relationship. Here’s my rule for relationships, just for your reference: I don’t (or will no longer) invest my time and efforts in people that I can’t create any (more) vision of us in a relationship, any relationship – friendship, professional, romantic, etc. I just don’t talk, don’t go out (again), don’t create attachment, don’t have fun with them. Life’s too short and too long for unhealthy (or meaningless) companies.

So first step, create your vision.

What’s your vision about yourself, your life, your friends, you family, your love, your future…? What do you want to have? What you won’t tolerate?

– Skye


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