Jan 22, The Paperback of the Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days by Harry Lorayne at Barnes & Noble. User Review – Flag as inappropriate. Harry Lorayne’s Super Memory claims to be able to “book your grades in 30 days” through new techniques and. When I first picked up Mr. Lorayne’s book “Super-Memory, Super-Student”, I had my doubts. I have a fair collection of harry lorayne’s memory books and have.

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He gives you a technique to remember words, a method to remember math formulas, and a technique to remember the periodic table.

Lorayne’s emphasis on ‘original awareness’ seems to me the best possible ,orayne to learning. An example of this method can be substituting “q” with 9 and “b” with 6. I am reading Super Memory with my class during Chemistry. Halkyard was right in suggesting this book to read, for he has given us tools so that we may succeed in the class.

For example, the word emulate, which means to admire. Oct 12, Matthew Yancey rated it liked it. There are 27 total chapters in this book, each chapter talks about a different memory trick to memorise. Super memory super student harry lorayne is a unique approach to the modern way of studying.

To start off, Harry Lorayne was a magician and specialized in memory training. This is a good part of the book. Harry Lorayne is an American magician, memory-training specialist, and also a super memory super student harry lorayne of course. This book starts out with easy memory tricks, such as dtudent common numbers to associate with memorising facts Such as memorising the height of Mt.

Super Memory – Super Student: How to Raise Your Grades in 30 Days

This is when you take a letter and you replace with a word and it will eventually lead to a sentence. For learning words in French, I would use English examples to make it easier. This book also depends largely upon the student and if the method works for them because everyone learns differently and some of these methods might work well for one student but badly for another.

Obviously he could have done a better job of explaining some of the more complex methods lorayyne overall I feel I really picked up a lot of very helpful studying tips.

Although many of his exercises prove to be helpful, many of them are outdated and can be achieved by other, more technological means.

Super memory super student harry lorayne method would really help you memorize words for vocab super memory super student harry lorayne of the symbols it uses.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Super-Memory, Super-Student

When you think about it, those links are the essential aspect of how our brains make connections, one thing setting off an internal link within our brains.

All of Super Memory is based on techniques that you can use to memorize different things.

The main theme is it teaches good study habits. It requires time and focus… if you do not give those things, you will not get super memory super student harry lorayne out of it. These are very common practices, and hey are used in many areas, and many people use mnemonic devices and such. Harry Lorayne is a magician and memory-training specialist.

The book covers how to eliminate the stress that comes with studying and much more. It allows cooperation with all super memory super student harry lorayne other systems and it is also the easiest to memorize. I also noticed that his explanations of why his methods were important, served as encouragement for me to use these methods within my daily life.

Super memory–super student

Through this, he can easily memorize formulas for various compounds in super memory super student harry lorayne. Harry Lorayne is an author and magician. Another thing that I don’t like about Super Memory is that there are way too many methods that Harry explains in his book. He wants them to be stress free and remember more things in less suuper and better than ever before.

However, I don’t believe the Peg Word system is also a very super memory super student harry lorayne method to use. In conclusion, Super Memory Super Student is a solid but somewhat outdated grade booster, and memory enhancer.

These techniques were used in the time of my grandfather, however they were derided as “rote learning”, and abandoned. Jan 18, The book has at least one method of memorization that will pertain to anyone. Oct 19, Max Buchanan rated it liked it.

A great quote, from this book, which concisely sums up this idea is the following: