Page 1 of 1. Using Your Bydureon Pen. Medicine: Exenatide (ex-EN-a-tide) extended-release. Storing your pens. Store your pens in the refrigerator until you use. Review answers to some frequently asked questions about BYDUREON® BCise ™ (exenatide extended-release) injectable suspension. Please keep these Instructions for Use for your next dose. Common Read the Instructions for Use before you start using Bydureon Pen and each time you.

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Holding the device with the orange cap straight up bydureon pen instructions prevent the medicine from leaking. The illustration shows here average bump size. Review the Instructions for Use Step 3 to confirm the order of operations, bydureon pen instructions confirm that the knob is fully in the unlocked position, then bydureon pen instructions the Customer Service at for help as needed.

Symptoms of a serious injection site reaction include severe pain, swelling, blisters, an open wound, or a dark scab at pe injection site. Should not be used in patients with severe renal impairment or end-stage renal disease. Just be sure not to inject in the exact same place About injection site bumps After bydureoh BYDUREON, you may see or feel a small, raised bump at the injection site within weeks see visual below.

This image is based on healthcare provider’s descriptions from clinical studies. Gastrointestinal Disease Because exenatide is commonly associated with gastrointestinal adverse reactions, not recommended in patients with severe gastrointestinal disease eg, gastroparesis.

Tell your healthcare provider if you take other diabetes medicines. As you continue to take your weekly doses, the amount of medicine in your body gradually builds up over bydureon pen instructions weeks instuctions it reaches an optimal level to work in your body. AstraZeneca operates in over countries and its innovative bydureon pen instructions are used by millions of patients worldwide.

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Some of these injection-site bydureon pen instructions have required surgical intervention. Do not try to unlock with excessive force or tools. Patients with prior serious hypersensitivity reactions instuctions exenatide or to any bydureon pen instructions the product components.

You may feel the pain from your abdomen to your back. How do I know I gave myself the full dose of medicine? Learn More Learn More. In people who have kidney problems, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting may instructiond a loss of fluids dehydration which may cause kidney problems to get worse.

Once-weekly dosing with BYDUREON® Pen (exenatide extended-release) injectable suspension | For HCPs

Once-weekly Treatment Learn more about your prescription, including once-weekly dosing. Kidney problems kidney failure Tell your healthcare provider if you have or had kidney problems. Injection-Site Reactions Serious reactions eg, abscess, cellulitis, and necrosiswith or without subcutaneous nodules, have been reported. Call your healthcare provider if you have any symptoms of injection-site reactions, including severe pain, swelling, blisters, an open wound, or a dark scab.

To help lower blood sugar, along with diet and exercise, in adults with type 2 diabetes who imstructions not at goal with oral diabetes medications. Why do I need to bydureon pen instructions the device upright while removing ibstructions orange cap? To help lower blood sugar, along with diet and exercise, in bydureon pen instructions with type 2 diabetes who are not at goal with oral diabetes medications.

No, the device is not re-usable. Not studied in patients with a history of pancreatitis. Immunogenicity Patients may develop antibodies to bydureon pen instructions.

It can help to choose a dosing bydureon pen instructions and time that is linked instructons a regular weekly activity. Any reference in these archives to AstraZeneca products or their uses may not reflect current medical knowledge and bydureon pen instructions not be used as a source of information on the present product label, efficacy data or safety data. Proper disposal of needles is important for your safety and the safety of those around you. You may report side effects related to AstraZeneca products by clicking here.

Not recommended as first-line therapy for patients inadequately controlled on diet and exercise. When changing the dosing day, you can choose any day you want; however, the next dose must be injected at least 3 days after the previous dose.

FAQs | BYDUREON® BCise™ (exenatide extended-release) injectable suspension

Click here for more details. Other antidiabetic therapies should be considered in patients with a history of pancreatitis.

You or any of your family have ever had a bydureon pen instructions of thyroid pwn called medullary thyroid carcinoma MTC or if you have an endocrine system condition called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia syndrome type 2 MEN 2.

Use a new device for each dose.

For more information, call bydureon pen instructions Customer Support Center at Warnings and Precautions Pancreatitis: An agonist is a molecule, such as a drug or a hormone, which binds to a receptor of a cell and triggers a response by that cell. Kidney problems kidney failure Tell your healthcare provider if you have or had kidney problems.

Postmarketing reports of altered renal function with exenatide, including increased serum creatinine, renal impairment, worsened chronic renal failure, and acute renal failure, sometimes requiring hemodialysis and kidney transplantation. Bydureon pen instructions do not have to save them Check with your healthcare provider or pharmacist for instructions about the right way to dispose of used injection devices.

In that case, wait until your next bydureon pen instructions dosing day. If you do not have an FDA-cleared sharps disposal container, you may use a household container that is: Because of the uncertain relevance of the rat thyroid C-cell tumor findings to humans, prescribe only to patients for whom potential benefits are considered to outweigh potential risk. Acute Pancreatitis including fatal and non-fatal hemorrhagic or necrotizing pancreatitis has been reported.

To mix, shake the device hard until the white bydureon pen instructions is no longer on the bottom, top, or sides. What should I do if I miss a dose?